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1) Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Definition and scope of ethical hacking.
  • Overview of ethical hacking and its importance.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements for ethical hacking.
  • Different types of hackers and their motivations.
  • Legal and ethical considerations
  • Introduction to python
  • Python for Penetration Testing(Writing Basic Exploits and Tools)
  • Linux Basics
  • Linux For Ethical Hacking
  • Networking Basics

2) Footprinting and Reconnaissance

  • Information gathering techniques
  • Google Hacking, WHOIS lookups, DNS enumeration, social engineering etc. - using some of my tools(and also hands on tool creation for hacking and testing)

3) Scanning Networks And Understanding How A network Functions With Knowledge from the past Networking Introduction.

  • Understanding port scanning techniques such as SYN scan, Nmap scan, etc.
  • Port scanning concepts
  • Developing scan plans using tools such as Nmap
  • Vulnerability scanning with Nessus and tools I have created

4) Vulnerability Assessment

  • Different types of vulnerabilities ( Buffer overflow , SQL injection etc)
  • Managing network Misconfiguration

5) Enumeration Techniques

  • Extracting information from open ports/services & various protocols

6) System Hacking Techniques

  • Introduction to Malware: Malware Hacking with personal build tools(For Educational Purposes)
  • Breaking Down Different types of Malware(Trojans, Backdoors, Viruses and Worms)
  • Password cracking/ analyzing password hashes across platforms like Windows or Unix/Linux, Bruteforcing with tools I've written and free tools, and Building Basic Bruteforce tools with python introduction knowledge

7) Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Understanding the concepts behind web application vulnerabilities: XSS attacks, Injection attacks etc.
  • Understanding Server and Client Architecture
  • DDOS ATTACKS: Live DDOSing our own server with python

8) Sniffing Network Traffic

  • Contention-based testing in wired networks (ARP Spoofing)

9) Wireless Testing And Attacks

  • Vulnerability
  • Wifi Hacking
  • Spoofing
  • Creating Fake Access Points
  • Wifi Deniel of Service(Building DOS tool with python for wifi

10) Social Engineering

  • Social Engineering Attack(Why They Will always be one of the main ways of hacking)

11) Report writing and presentation skills